OTOG, an established corporate entity based in the United Arab Emirates with diverse divisions and interests, has kept pace with the steady development that has defined the industrial landscape of the region since its inception in 2013.

By utilizing its own resources and integrating partner capabilities, OTOG has enabled key energy players to achieve higher levels of reliability and performance.

OTOG, a product & service provider at its core, believes in infusing a human touch into its corporate DNA. This is evident in the company’s approach to its clients, partners, and most importantly, its employees. OTOG’s role model status has helped it strengthen its leadership position through strategic business models, including joint ventures, sponsored companies, and subsidiaries.

Key Drivers to OTOG Success

  • Established Reputation
  • Financial Competence
  • Visionary, Proactive and Innovative Management
  • Embedded Ecosystem
  • Knowledge
  • Committed TEAM