OTOG’s Process division has served the oil and gas industry in the UAE and the region for over a decade, offering a wide range of industry-proven products and services. Keeping pace with the times, the Oil and Gas division acquires up-to-date technologies from around the world, maintains high product quality, and delivers reliably.

OTOG supplies a full range of midstream products covering most of the oil and gas and power sectors.

In the Oil and Gas division, we build long-lasting professional relationships with our clients by providing the necessary support to meet their needs, secure their projects, and deliver after-sales support for optimal customer satisfaction.

The services provided include:

  • Supply of Oil and Gas Equipment, Rotating Equipment and Services; Separators, Steam Generators, Vessels, Exchangers, Skids, Air-cooled Heat Exchangers, Compressors, etc.
  • Specialized Plates: Cladded, High Alloy, Low Alloy and Non-ferrous Alloy
  • Specialized Forgings: Tube Sheets, Forging, Flanges, and Fittings for all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials
  • Supply of Lubricants and Chemicals
  • Off-grid PV Solar Panel design, Installation, and Commissioning in Remote Areas with Services for Projects in the UAE, and Regionally in the MENA Region
  • Oil Based Mud Cuttings and Sludge Treatment